Aplications and Tools

News Analytic Tool

In today’s fast-paced digital age, staying updated with the latest news and insights is crucial. I build a News Analytic System to provide users with enriched, insightful, and customized reports from targeted news portals and sources.

pic: Filip Mishevski


  1. Web Scraping Module: To extract and gather news content from targeted portals and source pages. (Features: automated scraping schedules, resilient to website structure changes, captures multimedia content, including images and videos).
  2. Enriched Document Database: process and store news content in an enriched format for advanced analytics. (Features: embeddings representation for similarity and clustering analysis, summarization, Named Entity Recognition, relationships between identified entities for contextual understanding).
  3. Custom Report Generator: provide users with tailored reports based on their specific criteria. (Features: search by topics, persons, locations, or any custom criteria, automated report generation schedules, visually appealing report templates with charts, graphs, and images).

Key Benefits

  •  Up-to-date Information ensures users always have the latest news at their fingertips.
  •  Insightful Analysis goes beyond mere news aggregation by providing deep insights and context.
  •  Customization Tailored reports mean users only see what’s relevant to them.
  •  Time-saving automated processes reduce the time spent on manual news curation and analysis.

Justice Dashboard

The Justice Dashboard is the online service of the Supreme Court of Entre Ríos, Argentina, to access primary data and justice statistics. It is based on free software R and Shiny and follows the standards of the open data movement. The central part of the system, the statistical scripts, are accessible in operations, proccesing, organization and research.

Justice Data


  •  Optimized for public access and reproducibility of statistics.
  •  Compliance with national and international standards on public information and sensitive data.
  •  Full user access of algorithms and scripts.

Airports Worldwide

The Airports Worldwide app is a pet-project developed for the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Visualizations seminar, embodying a database of airports around the globe. Build with Python and Dash, it presents an interactive and user-friendly interface for users to explore the data. It is deploy on Heroku.



  •  Worlwide Database: The application provides information about airports worldwide. Users can access specifics information as location, airport size and more.
  •  Interactive: the application enabling users to visualize the geographical distribution of airports across the world. Users can zoom in and out to view airports in specific regions or countries, making it easy to understand global airport infrastructure.

Predictive Modeling in Justice

The Predictive Modeling Series (Parts: 1, 2, 3 and 4) showcases our development of models for time series data in judicial services.Our aim is to predict the number of rulings per subject matter over a specified period. For this project, we’ve exclusively utilized R, specifically leveraging the tidymodels package.

pic: Aron Visuals


  •  The complete scripts of this implementation can be accessed here.